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I have a method called "revisions", and I want to be able use the same logic but output to csv. I think I'd like to use the FasterCSV gem. What I need is to what to add to my routes in order to get a route for both the html and the csv outputs. I'd like my urls to be something like this:



Thanks much!

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Rails makes this very easy. You don't need to change your routes at all to accommodate CSV format, since rails recognizes the csv MIME-type.

First, set up a route in routes.rb:

map.invoice_revisions 'invoices/:id/revisions.:format', 

In your controller, do something like this:

def revisions
  # ... set @revisions with something like
  @revisions = Invoice.find(params[:id]).revisions

  respond_to do |format|
    format.html # will render the revisions html template
    format.csv { render :csv => revisions_csv } # see sample method below

  def revisions_csv # convert @revisions to csv: customize to your needs
    FasterCSV.generate do |csv|
      csv << @revisions.first.attributes.keys  # set the headers
      @revisions.each do |revision|            # set the data
        csv << revision.attributes.values

Here's a tutorial with more detailed info on formatting the csv files using csvbuilder:


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Even with the respond_to in there, I am getting: Couldn't find WorkOrder with ID=revisions –  Mr Mikkél Nov 28 '10 at 8:17
Look again at the updated answer. I added some info on setting up your routes. I assumed you already had a route set up for the html version of the view. –  bowsersenior Nov 28 '10 at 8:42
i have this route: –  Mr Mikkél Dec 3 '10 at 17:24
oops... here's the route: map.invoice_revision 'invoices/:id/revisions', :controller=>:invoices, :action=>:revisions ... along with this one before it: map.resources :invoices, :collection=>{:browse=>:get}, :member=>{:select=>:post} –  Mr Mikkél Dec 3 '10 at 17:25
OK, the routes I had in my answer were not quite right. What you are missing in your routes is .:format at the end to capture the .csv . I also updated my answer to look for :id instead of :invoice_id . Please see the updated answer and check if it works. –  bowsersenior Dec 3 '10 at 21:13

In your routes.rb:

resources :photos do
  get 'preview', :on => :member


And in your controller, handle the format with a respond_to.

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Here's what I'm getting, even with this route: Couldn't find Invoice with ID=revisions –  Mr Mikkél Nov 28 '10 at 8:17
What is the exact url you are trying to visit? –  Kalyan M Nov 28 '10 at 8:43
/invoices/1/revisions.csv –  Mr Mikkél Dec 3 '10 at 17:24

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