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I have a list of n words (let's say 26). Now I want to get a list of all possible combinations, but with a maximum of k words per row (let's say 5)

So when my word list is: aaa, bbb, ..., zzz I want to get:


I want to make it variable, so that it will work with any n or k value. There should be no word be twice and every combinations needs to be taken (even if there are very much).

How could I achieve that?


Thank you for your answers. It is not an assignment. Is is just that I forgot the combinations of my password and I want to be sure that I have all combinations tested. Although I have not 26 password parts, but this made it easier to explain what I want.

If there are other people with the same problem, this link could be helpfull:
Generate word combination array in c#

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You'll likely find the Combinations template code from code project does what you need. – Conspicuous Compiler Nov 27 '10 at 9:22

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You could take a look at this

However, if you need to get large numbers of combinations (in the tens of millions) you should use lazy evaluation for the generation of the combinations.

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i wrote simple a function to do this

        private string allState(int index,string[] inStr)
            string a = inStr[index].ToString();
            int l = index+1;
            int k = l;
            var result = string.Empty;
            var t = inStr.Length;
            int i = index;
            while (i < t)
                string s = a;
                for (int j = l; j < k; j++)
                    s += inStr[j].ToString();
                result += s+",";

                result += allState(index, inStr);
            return result.TrimEnd(new char[] { ',' });

allState(0, new string[] { "a", "b", "c"})
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Unfortunately this only works for lists of 3 strings. Anything bigger and it starts missing combinations. IE: ABCD will give you ABCD, ABC, BCD but it doesn't give ACD – Talon Jul 3 '14 at 15:33

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