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I want to download some of ERP projects source code based on windows form, to understand their coding structure, and designing, so that I could be able to develop ERP project.

Could anyone please tell where I can find some of free ERP projects source code?

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windows form? do you mean Developer 2K? –  Aadith Nov 27 '10 at 9:52

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You can find a list here. No winforms, java rules in that world. Doesn't matter, ERP has little to do with user interface programming.

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Although Hans is right when stating it's mostly Java, there actually are some .net initiatives in this field on Codeplex, see http://www.google.nl/search?q=codeplex+erp. I have no experience with those and would advice you look at the more mature projects in the list provided by Hans. I like opentaps (Java) and openerp (python).

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