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<form action="${h.url.current()}" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="your_file" />

class MyValidator(formencode.Schema):

    allow_extra_fields  = True
    filter_extra_fields = True

    name      = formencode.validators.String(not_empty=True, messages={'empty': 'Please enter your name'})
    your_file = formencode.validators.FieldStorageUploadConverter(not_empty=True, messages={'empty': 'You haven\'t selected any files'})

    form_result = MyValidator().to_python(dict(request.params))
except formencode.Invalid as error:
    return 'failed'
    print type(form_result['your_file'])

That's my code. form_result['your_file'] is a Unicode object. Because of this, I can't read the file or do any 'file' related tasks. The only way I've found to access it is to abandon formencode after it's performed its validation and revert to request.POST['your_file'].

What am I doing wrong?

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actually you are not doing anything wrong. you just need to do this:

    name_of_the_file = form_result['your_file'].filename
    file_object = form_result['your_file'].file
    # do something with the file...

that is it

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