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I am working on an Android app, that needs to do the following: - capture a (animated) view to video including audio (from a mp3 file) - encode the captured video (probably a bunch of raw image buffers) and audio to avi.

After searching, FFMPEG seems the most suitable. Does anybody have a sample code to accomplish what I need. I would really appreciate.


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if u are building your app for android then u can use .avi writer code. You can get this code from "Koders website". Search for "Koders site" on google .you will get the link. I have tested the .avi file writer code and its working fine.

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It's not clear what you mean by 'a (animated) view' to capture, but be aware that android apps running with normal permissions cannot access the raw framebuffer. The computation part of ffmpeg builds in the ndk without undue work and there's a lot you can read about on the web, but the output (or in your case input) drivers are a bit of a permissions problem. Also you should expect encoding to be much slower than real time unless you can somehow manage to leverage hardware acceleration features of your particular device's SOC.

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