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My company is currently developing a project management web application in PHP, and I am looking for some ideas for interesting and popular features that we could include.

The things we plan to include are:

  • Sharing of tasks and tracking of milestones
  • Time management - tracking who put how much time into what task
  • File uploads and sharing
  • A sort of wiki or commonly editable page

Some more ideas would be very much appreciated, Thanks, RayQuang

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Build a public API – Michael Nov 27 '10 at 12:37
Is this an internal app or something you hope to sell? If it's internal remember than anything you build, you will have to support. I'd encourage looking at the rest of the open source world first. If you're hoping to sell it, good luck. There are hundreds of free/paid alternatives. Unless you have a particular niche, you're fighting a lot of established competition. I'm the project lead for web2project (LAMP-based, Open Source) and it's hard building a community, even when some are willing to drop in cash. – CaseySoftware Nov 28 '10 at 19:02
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You can get more ideas from existing project management web apps:

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I recommend JIRA & Confluence Wiki (of Atlassian). Another good-enough tool is Trac,it is not easy to configure but it's free.

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Have a look at podio.com they allow you to build your own apps and relate data between them.

Also pay a great deal attention to power users. Keyboard short cuts etc.

Have a look at Licorize.com as well. It's like Gtd of bookmarking but also usable for project management.

Lastly Kanban seems to be hot in web apps right now.

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