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If there's an operation I'd like to do on a mapped class, but is not currently supported by hibernate or HQL - what is the best fallback? Raw JDBC?

Or can I somehow leverage the existing mappings I have, to free me from writing boilerplate code, but still giving me more flexibility than is built into hibernate?

(This question does not talk about alternatives to hibernate - it assumes we are using hibernate as our main ORM)

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I wouldn't want to go into specifics, btw - this is a general question, not about any specific operation. –  ripper234 Nov 27 '10 at 12:38

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Yes I'd say the best fallback is raw jdbc or even Oracle PL/SQL functions (or equivalents).

For sure it's much easier to understand a special call to raw jdbc than some very complicated java code to extend Hibernate.

I worked on a project in which the "Architect" used a lot of custom annotations and modified Hibernate to support his idea of a "perfect" ORM... Ultimately he was fired and all the crap removed because nobody else was able to make it work.

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