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I understand that licensing and copyright are two different issues.

However, still being iffy on the GPL subject, I have been researching the do's and dont’s in GPL-derived work. I came across a forked GPL project which actually replaced all the original copyright notices with a new year and the name of the new development team.

This strikes me as being... irregular, as the original development team granted the legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify it, but certainly didn’t give away their copyright.

  • Are you not supposed to preserve the copyright notices of the original authors in GPL-derived work?
  • If you are, then do you add your own copyright notices along the original ones when you modify the file? Even for something as trivial as renaming the project?
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It is normally incorrect to remove pre-existing copyright notices, even in a forked project.

Yes, you can add your own copyright notices to cover the sections of the code that have been modified. With the GPL original code, the new code remains under GPL if it is distributed and you have to maintain the requirements of the original GPL.

Renaming a project is not trivial - not least for reasons such as sorting out the copyright notices that should be in place.

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