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How can I retreive elemenents in Dictionary through index (int index )..;Instead of a key

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Dictionary is an unordered collection so it does not provide random access. Only types that implement IList<T> provide random access to their contents.

Well, that's not totally correct - you could use a OrderedDictionary (which would give you random access without IList<T>) but you lose the benefits of the generic dictionary. If you need random access, most likely you shouldn't be using a Dictionary.

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foreach(KeyValuePair<String,String> pair in dictionary)
     string key = pair.Key;
     string value = pair.Value;

or to get access by item

dictionary.ToList()[index].Key/Value    :-)
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check out following

C#: Accessing a Dictionary.Keys Key through a numeric index

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That should be a comment on the question. –  Matt Ellen Nov 27 '10 at 14:28

There is no method for retrieving elements by index because the Dictionary class does not specify the order in which key/value pairs are stored. If you need both key and index lookup use the OrderedDictionary class.

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I found this useful:

foreach (var key in dictionary.Keys)
    var value = dictionary[key];


foreach (var value in dictionary.Values)
    // use value
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