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I set up the indentation in my vimrc in the following way:

  set tabstop=2
  set shiftwidth=2

  set autoindent
  set indentexpr
  set expandtab

I created the indent folder in my ~/.vim/ directory and pasted an html indentation-plugin into ~/.vim/indent/ . I'm using the following one:


Whenever i try to "gg=G" in normal-mode it deletes all the indentation instead of indenting the file in a proper way. JavaScript files for example work nicely with another indentation plugin i have found, but nomatter which html plugin i have used so far, it didn't really work in a useful way.

Is there anything i can do here?

/////////////// Update: i just tried to change the filetype to xml and it began to work. Now i'm asking myself how i can get this to work with html files. Hope someone can help me out.


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It works out of the box for me. Try if it works with the minimal setup:

$ vim -u NONE
:set nocp
:filetype indent on
:set ft=html

and type in some HTML code.

The second tag should be indented by a tab now.

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thx very much, a complete reset helped actually, because now i know that it functions by default. I will have to go trough my settings and see what exactly might brake this behavior. –  Julian Weimer Nov 29 '10 at 12:17

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