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create table Penalties (
  PaymentNo number (4) not null, 
  PlayerNo number(4),
  Pen_date date default now(), 
  Amount number(7,2) default 2000.00

Error information (in German):

Fehler beim Start in Zeile 1 in Befehl:
create table Penalties (PaymentNo number (4) not null, PlayerNo number(4),Pen_date date default now(), Amount number(7,2) default 2000.00)
Fehler bei Befehlszeile:1 Spalte:96
SQL-Fehler: ORA-04044: Prozedur, Funktion, Package oder Typ hier nicht zulässig
04044. 00000 -  "procedure, function, package, or type is not allowed here"
*Cause:    A procedure, function, or package was specified in an
           inappropriate place in a statement.
*Action:   Make sure the name is correct or remove it.

Please help

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Using now() as default value is not allowed here. Try replacing it with sysdate

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Change default now() to default sysdate

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