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I am writing a web application to be run on multiple Web servers accessing multiple WCF servers which will provide the business logic and data access.

I would like the fastest throughput between the Web servers and WCF servers so have gone for a netTCP binding.

The Web servers are in a workgroup and not part of the domain that the WCF servers are in though all are behind a fire wall. I would like the messages passed between them to be encrypted but I am not concerned about access. I would therefore like to use transport security to provide the encryption but without the need for client credintials to be authenticated (I can't use Windows authentication even if I wanted to because the servers are not in the same domain). Message security would be slower and not necessary given I am only passing information between one server and another.

I have tried to configure the transport security with clientcredentials set to none but it errors as if it was expecting a certifcate of some kind.

It looks as if I am going to have to use a certificate at either end but wanted to avoid this because of a) managing the certifcate, b) the impact on performance and c) I don't really need it.

Cab anybody explain why transport security with clientcredentials set to none does not work and what the best solution would be ?

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