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A method calculates the percentage of 2 given in points (for example 15/20 and 16/20) and returns the total %.

But the problem is when i try to add weight to those values. Meaning standard weight factor 1 and weight factor 2 for both values are set on 1 (normal % calculation).

But how exactly do i add weights to them? Assuming i want to add a weight factor of 2 to the first value and leave the second one to standard(1). (So a certain score is more important then a other, hence the % changes.)

Calculation with integers
input 15 and 16 (score on /20)
With default weight factors (1 & 1) the overal percentage would be 77

If the weight factors are changed to 2 (for 15) and standard 1 (for 16) the total % would be 76.

What would be the best way to implement this, cannot find anything about this.


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((15/20)+(16/20)) / 2 = 0.775 (77.5%)

instead of 77% (you shouldn't round until you perform a final calculation, e.g. for a grading system, different assignment types would have different weights and systems should never round until they display a final percentage.)

To weight one amount as 2 instead of 1, you would take the amount into account twice:

((15/20)+(15/20)+(16/20)) / 3 = 0.766 (76.6%)

(I know this because I have great knowledge of Pearson's PowerSchool)

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Thanks, was exactly what i was looking for! – Tonz Nov 27 '10 at 17:23

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