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I have an ASP.NET page. What I want to do is pass in an ID field that is in the querystring.

So if my page is


I want a silverlight control that is on this page to have access to the id field. My silverlight control is going to get data for a grid and it needs to use the id.

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While this covers the concept in startup parameters (which is possibly what you are doing) here's a walk-through about it. http://silverlight.net/learn/learnvideo.aspx?video=72312

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Tim - that is EXACTLY what I was looking for. You also show 2 other ways, which I didn't know about. Thanks a million! –  ScottG Jan 9 '09 at 21:09

You can use the HTML DOM Bridge to do that:

using System.Windows.Browser;

string queryString = HtmlPage.Document.DocumentUri.Query;
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Keep in mind that the page can prevent you from usign the HTML DOM Bridge if enableHtmlAccess is set to false. –  Maurice Jan 10 '09 at 15:07

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