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I am very new Visual Studio (just downloaded version 2010 Professional), but I believe this is the right way to do web services in excel.

Have created a Excel 2007 Add-In called TestAPI within Visual Studio containing just one class ThisAddIn, the 2 default StartUp and Shutdown procedures and 2 functions I have written myself, say f1 and f2.

When I start Excel 2007 and check Excel Options i can see it as a COM add in, but how can I see these 2 functions within VBA? Any references to either ThisAddIn or TestAPI or f1 or f2 all fail, yet if I put something into the StartUp functions this will automatically be executed whenever I start Excel, which I do find quite annoying. It seems that COM Add-ins are switched on/off at Excel level whereas I cant seem to find the TestAPI anywhere on my list on References (where I could check or uncheck it as required depending on Excel sheet).

I am probably missing an (or multiple) point(s).

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Paul Stubbs has some information on calling VSTO UDFs from VBA on his blog.

Alternatively, you could try building a more vanilla COM add-in for Excel, as described by Eric Carter.

My personal preference for creating user defined functions is to use ExcelDna.

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Thanks, made some progress based on above (key bit was adding the ComVisible), so I can now see the and use the functions. Still dont know how to expose a user defined type (class or structure). Trying to mirror the function stuff doesnt work in vba (wont even compile) since everything seems to be done at run time through objects. –  Rob Dec 1 '10 at 10:53
Above are very useful links. I found that for my purpose I am better off to just create a class library dll and add as a reference where required. –  Rob Dec 1 '10 at 17:21

Have you declared F1 and F2 Public? In the class ThisAddin

Public Shared Function F1(x as Object) as Object
  Return x*2
End Function

(I'm not sure if Shared is required in VSTO, I use Addin Express, VSTO is such a pain)

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Already had declared functions as public. Shared doesnt seem necessary if ComVisible is set correctly. –  Rob Dec 1 '10 at 10:54

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