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I have an asp.net update web app. Users go the the page, hit the update button and the program runs. We also want this program to run as a scheduled task everynight. Is this possible? How would you handle this?


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You could create a shortcut on your program to a page on your web app (say update.aspx?command=update) and then have your server's scheduler set to run that shortcut at the time you wish.

I would only recommend that you use a page which has nothing on it and will only respond to a specific command, that way you lower the risk of your page being "tripped" when you don't want it to be.

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Note: This is how one of my company's web apps work right now for sending out email notifications for items that have to be checked every day. The web app has a special page called notify.aspx and it will do nothing unless it is passed the specific querystring command via the shortcut on the server. – TheTXI Jan 9 '09 at 19:35

A better way would be to break the application up into a domain layer dll, then your aspx page could use that dll, and you could also write a console app that used the same dll. You could setup a scheduled task to run the console app nightly.

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