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This is a common case:
In code below (simplified), number of the dictionaries added to the array varies depending on size of data set (as usual).
So it is impossible to match each dictionary with a corresponding 'release' statement.
I assume releasing the array (in dealloc) would release all its enclosed dictionaries?
Nevertheless, it produces a leak. How to eliminate it?

// -----myController.h----
@interface ExerciseGraphController : UIViewController <CPPlotDataSource>{        
    NSMutableArray          *plotDataForBar;
@property(readwrite, retain, nonatomic)NSMutableArray *plotDataForBar;                  

// -----myController.m----
- ...getPlotData... {

        if (plotDataForBar){
            [plotDataForBar  release];

        plotDataForBar = [[NSMutableArray array] init];                             

        //for each item in plotDataForBar {                      
            ...                                         //Populates plotDataForBar with dictionaries.
            [plotDataForBar addObject:   [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:     // **LEAK** ( on __NSCFDictionary, __NSArrayM, and _GeneralBlock16)
                [NSDecimalNumber numberWithFloat:xF], [NSNumber numberWithInt:CPBarPlotFieldBarLocation],    
                [NSDecimalNumber numberWithFloat:yF], [NSNumber numberWithInt:CPBarPlotFieldBarLength],  
}                                                       //Reads plotDataForBar in:
- ...numberOfRecordsForPlot...{                         //      Method required by CorePlot 
    return  [plotDataForBar count];     
- ...numberForPlot... {                                 //      "       "     "      "  
    NSDecimalNumber *num = [[plotDataForBar objectAtIndex:index] objectForKey:[NSNumber numberWithInt:fieldEnum]];
- ...dealloc  { 
    [plotDataForBar release]; 
    [super dealloc]; 
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As much code is missing, only a guess:

Shouldn't you test in "...getPlotData..." if that property is already set, or release the old instance? This would be leaking every time this method gets called.

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That was it! I added 'Solution' to code above. Many thanks! – sambaMan Nov 27 '10 at 22:26

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