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I don't know what key combination I did, but now each time I click somewhere in the page, Visual Studio selects the text between first and second mouse click.

I tried to escape from this "selection mode", but nothing helps, nor Escape, nor left clicks, nor Ctrl+Up/Down. I opened another VS window and there is all right - normal selection.

What is it, how to cancel it, what is it for?

I should probably restart Visual Studio. I remember that that happened some times ago in VS 2005. Very annoying VS "feature".

P.S. It disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, but I found similar problem described here. The guy says that "The only way to stop is to press escape or shift and an arrow key."

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Shift + arrow key works. Thanks – grantnz Nov 5 '12 at 20:12
Same thing keeps happening to me (I dunno what I pressed, but often after I try to exit debug using Shift+F5). And mouse wheel changes font size; annoying! Esc and Shift Arrow did not help. Ctrl+F (find text) got it back to normal for me. – James Nov 29 '12 at 14:42

I have very often the same issue, just after stopping the debugger. No idea how it starts... But I found the key combination to stop it: Press "Alt Gr"+"Ctrl(right)"+"Shift(right)"

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It works! - This ought to be marked as the answer as it simply solves the problem – Richard Mar 20 '14 at 11:23

Click on tools and then options. Under environment select keyboard. Then there will be a window open up with options. The first drop down says something about mapping. Set that to default.

Brief, if this was previously selected, is an old DOS format and the key bindings will cause similar actions.

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This should be the accepted answer. – Micah Hahn Aug 28 '15 at 14:56

Sounds like the shift key is registering as pressed. Odd that a new window behaves differently. Do you have a mouse that emulates key presses?

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I have experienced the same problem (VS 2010). Here is what happens:

I start the debugger on a project whith Unmanaged debugging enabled. When I try use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+L to delete a line I get a dialog saying 'Changes are not allowed when unmanaged debugging is enabled'. The title of the dialog is 'Edit and Continue'. When the dialog is closed the editor gets stuck with this behavior:

  • Shift+Right-Click behavior: It selects the text between the cursor and the position of the mouse-click

  • Ctrl+Scroll behavior: If I try to scroll using the mouse wheel it will zoom in or out instead.

It behaves like the Shift and Ctrl keys are being held down.

I have found these key combinations that will get me out of this situation:

  • Shift + Arrow down

  • Ctrl + Arrow down

Until I discovered this I had to restart Visual Studio.

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