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I am looking for the correct sytanx for setting a custom defined font in the xaml.cs file. In the .xaml file, I can successfully do this:

<TextBlock FontFamily="Resources/#Charlemagne Std" FontSize="22" ... />

However, I cannot seem to get the same thing to work in the .xaml.cs file. I have tried something to this effect:

TextBlock tb = new TextBlock();
tb.FontFamily = new FontFamily(new Uri("pack://application:,,,/"), "#Charlemagne Std");

The font is in the Resources folder of my project folder. The name of the font is Charlemagne Std, and the name of the font file is chalemagnestd-regular.otf.

There were no compile errors, but the font showing does not seem to be correct.

Thanks for all the help

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If the font is in a subfolder of the project folder, you'll need to include that folder path when constructing the FontFamily object. Use:

new FontFamily(new Uri("pack://application:,,,/"), "./Resources/#Charlemagne Std");

For more information, see Packaging Fonts with Applications on MSDN.

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Thanks you so much !! – Aero Chocolate Nov 27 '10 at 23:15

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