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I'm trying to get some values from a text file (town names & postal code) and paste it to an url to interogate an external website:

In the text file the values are:

"PARIS 75010"
"LILLE 59000"

I want to insert those values into the following url:,+postalcode,+departement,+France&p=map

Since I have a lot of values to treat i need a simple way to do this.

Any ideas :)?

Thanks in advance

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The answers will look vastly different between PHP and C++. Which do you want? – Marcelo Cantos Nov 28 '10 at 0:33
I have notepad++ i don't care on the language in only need to treat some text files – Deri Nov 28 '10 at 0:46

Your tags say PHP and C++, but a simple way to do this might be to use a shell script. Just read the lines from the file and then invoke the program curl to do the HTTP GET. For example:

while read town code; do
    curl "$town,+$code..."
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Which editor should i use on windows? – Deri Nov 28 '10 at 0:40
thanks for your quick answer i appreciate :D – Deri Nov 28 '10 at 0:41
Notepad will work fine for something this simple. – John Zwinck Nov 28 '10 at 0:42
I have notepad++ and need to read from several external files – Deri Nov 28 '10 at 0:44
I think the answer is that you need to find someone with some programming knowledge and get them to bang out the solution for you. This site is more about answering specific questions and less about providing entire programs. The code I gave you above is simple but not too far away from something that would work. I think you might just need to run it a few times, once for each of your files, or else you can use a program such as "cat" to concatenate all your input files into one file before use. – John Zwinck Nov 28 '10 at 3:51

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