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I have what seems like it should be a really simple problem, but somehow it is not. SmartGwt has a way of taking something easy and making it overly complicated!

I have a ComboBoxItem populated by a LinkedHashMap. All I want to do is to be able to programmatically select a row/value to display. In plain GWT, this would be something like:


I have searched and searched, and I have come up empty. Please someone help!!!

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Suppose your map has values like

ComboBoxItem listBox = new ComboBoxItem();


listBox.setValue(1) will display "a" in listBox
listBox.setvalue(2) will display "b" in listBox
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You Can set value's for drop down in Combobox item through setValuMap(String array[])

String []valueMap = {"A","B"};

this will set the value in string array to combox box. You can set value programmatically through setValue(String value) function.



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