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Can't really understand how the select extension method works with a list inside another list, like this:

var queries = (from item in list
               from item2 in list.anotherlist
               select item2).ToList<MyType>();

This will not work:

// Gives me a list of List<QueryResult>
var queries = list.Select(item => item.anotherlist).ToList(); 
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The SelectMany operator ought to do the trick - in this case, it takes a list of lists and flattens it:

var queries = list.SelectMany(sublist => sublist).ToList();
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Thanks, working. –  gremo Nov 28 '10 at 3:43
+1. Just for completeness' sake, I'll add that from … from … select … in a LINQ expression is actually equivalent to SelectMany; it won't translate to Select. See e.g. this query expression translation cheat sheet by Bart de Smet or the C# 3.0 specification, section –  stakx Nov 28 '10 at 10:40

use selectmany

var queries = list.SelectMany(l => l.anotherList).ToList();
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