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Obviously, autoloading classes with absolute namespaced names (\One\Two\Three) that translate to actual directory paths (One/Two/Three.php) is rather simple.

However, I am curious if there is any way to autoload classes who have been instantiated (for the first time in the PHP process) using a namespaced name relative to the current namespace (loading Two\Three from \One, for example).

As "__autoload" executes in the global namespace and only accepts one parameter (the class name, including namespace components) I cannot see how it could know where to look for the class.

However, I assume some PHP wizard has found a solution to this, seeing as it would be very inconvenient to always specify classes by their absolute namespaced name.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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You do always get the full namespace in your autoloader:

namespace {
    function __autoload($class)

namespace One {
    new Two\Three();


string(13) "One\Two\Three"
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Haha, thanks for answering this very old question. I found this out too, but couldn't find a way to delete a question. Thanks! –  Jonathan Chan Apr 2 '11 at 4:11

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