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Algorithms by Robert Sedwick, It was mentioned that linked list can be represented using Arrays, at following link


Fig 3.8, here if 5 is removed from my understanding next 4 should be changed to index 6 as val 5 is removed, as we go thourgh the figure at item 4 is removed next of val 3 is chaned. I am not following the logic of the figure. can aany one please help me.


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the index is zero-based as opposed to the value itself (letters would be better values).
Example of removing the value 5: before removing, next index of the node with value 4 is 4, which points to value 5; after removing, next index is changed to 5, pointing to value 6 (next changed from 4 to 5).

Or, using the prefix v to indicate values:


    index ...  3  4  5 ...
    value     v4 v5 v6
    next       4  5  6


    index ...  3  4  5 ...
    value     v4 v5 v6
    next       5  5  6  

as you can see the node v4 is followed by v6 (index 5) practically removing v5 from the chain.

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