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Trying to select span within the first item in a usorted list but I can't quite seem to get the DOM right

    <li class="chapterItem"> <a
    ">Naruto 522 world</a> <span
    id="date">Nov 21st 2010</span> <br>
    <span style="display:none"
    class="hiddenChapNo">12</span> </li>

Here is the jQuery code I been trying to use to select it

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Your code certainly looks like it should work, I assume that there's another <li> before this one that trips it up.

Also, ids are (should be) unique in a web page, so $('#hiddenChapNo') should be sufficient.

Assuming you need multiple hidden spans, the proper way to mark them would be <span class="hiddenChapNo"> (you can then also hide them with CSS instead of inline styles).

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I changed it to class and that is the very first item in the unsorted list but despite that it still isn't sending out the alert – dbomb101 Nov 28 '10 at 11:42
Try testing without the <br>, and also try with alert($('.hiddenChapNo').text()); – Jon Nov 28 '10 at 11:45

Try just using alert($('#hiddenChapNo').text());. An id should be unique on a page, use classes if you need otherwise.

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You need to use .find() to get a descendant here, like this:


Or a bit more compact with :first and a descendant selector (space):

alert($('li:first .hiddenChapNo').text());
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Found a solution

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