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I have the following page http://valogiannis.com/freelancer/ecommerce-final/

In the right there are three images and in the left a big one. When the user click any of the three images in the right then the big image must change to the appropriate. I set the big images from css as background images and the small via html.

In all browsers I tested in windows platform (firefox,opera,safari,chrome,ie8) works fine but in internet explorer 7 it doesn't work. It doesn't the image image to the appropriate and also doesn't add the border in the current small image.

My jQuery code is the following:

$("#smallImage img").click(function() { 

    var index = $(this).attr('class');
    if (index == "First current") {$("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageFirst"); }
    else if (index == "Second current") {$("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageSecond");  }
    else if (index == "Third current") {$("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageThird"); }

EDIT: I created a live example to be able to edit whatever you think can solve the problem http://jsbin.com/ehota4/3

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Update for updated question: The issue is repeated ID usage, smallImage should be a class instead here, then use $(".smallImage img") as your selector.

You can test an updated/working version here.

Previous answer: Try using the built-in methods for this (since class strings may vary by spacing, but still match), like this:

$("#smallImage img").click(function() { 
    var $this = $(this).addClass("current");  
    if ($this.hasClass("First")) { $("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageFirst"); }
    else if ($this.hasClass("Second")) { $("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageSecond");  }
    else if ($this.hasClass("Third")) { $("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImageThird"); }

Or if the class names are that certain, use it to your advantage:

$("#smallImage img").click(function() {
    var c = $.trim(this.className);
    $("#bigImage").removeClass().addClass("bigImage" + c); }
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hello Nick, thanks for you answer. I checked both of your code, works correct in all browser also, but ie7 still not work. I made a live example jsbin.com/ehota4/3 to be able to edit it. Thanks! –  Sotiris Nov 28 '10 at 12:07
@Sotiris - You can't have smallImage used repeatedly like that, it's an ID so it needs to be unique, give this a try: jsbin.com/ehota4/4 –  Nick Craver Nov 28 '10 at 12:13
thank you!! very good, my eyes where always there and even didn't notice that I used an id three times! Big surprise! Thank you very much for this Nick!!! –  Sotiris Nov 28 '10 at 12:21
@Sotiris - welcome! –  Nick Craver Nov 28 '10 at 12:22

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