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I am learning PHP with help of Wrox Beginning PHP5 but there aren't many practice question in there so can u guys know where I can find a whole bunch of PHP exercises? Kind of like homework/math problems. Where they get increasingly difficult and elaborate.

Practice I am looking for are on the following topics:

  • Decisions, Loops and Arrays.
  • Functions.
  • XML
  • Files & Directories.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, appu.

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  1. You could try to come up with a web application to create. Forums, a Pythagoras solver etc.


There are lots of questions on here like this, search for php project/challenge.

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If I were you I'd come up with a small project for yourself, build a small website based on some interest you have. Implement basic things like logins, CRUD operations etc.

This will give you much more experience and build your knowledge quicker than completing small unrelated tasks.

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Learning PHP is easy. In fact learning an language is easy. If you try learning it in the course of building a whole project your self it would teach you the practical implementation of functions and concepts. You can even search for projects on internet which will help you for having an start. I even learnt php in course of developing an project for my course work. Good Luck with your efforts.

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