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I have a list of pairs with class inheritance information like this

  [Person, null],
  [Person, SpecialPerson], // Person extends SpecialPerson
  [SpecialPerson, VerySpecialPerson], // SpecialPerson extends VerySpecialPerson

Is there any particular algorithm to flatten this information?

Like this:

Person -> SpecialPerson -> VerySpecialPerson

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Shouldn't first line be [null, Person]? –  Dialecticus Nov 28 '10 at 13:25

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In the end, it boils down to a DAG (directed acyclic graph). Therefore you would do a breadth-first search or depth-first search. You only need the simplified case for trees.

Example (BFS, pseudo-code, untested):

List<Array<Typespec>> flatten(Array<Pair<Typespec,Typespec>> input) {
  List<Array<Typespec>> result;
  Queue<Array<Typespec>*> q;

  var elem=&result.append([null]);
  while (!q.empty()) {
    for (i in input) {
      if (i.first==q.front().back()) {
        var elem=&result.append(q.front().clone().append(i.second));
  return result;

This assumes that you meant [null,Person], instead of the other way round. Note that it produces a null at the start of every result, differing from your example.

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worst pseudo code i've ever seen^^ but take some points... –  c0rnh0li0 Nov 28 '10 at 19:06

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