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I have two data objects stored on different nodes in the dom



How do I combine these in order to attatch them to the data attribute in the ajax object

  url: 'http://localhost:8080/test.html',
  timeout: 3000,
  cache: false,
  data: // combined node1 and node2 here!,
  success: function(data){

Thanks in advance

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You have a couple of options. Here's how I'd do it:

data: {node1: $('node1').data('id'), node2: $('node2').data('id')},

...because jQuery will accept an object and generate the necessary URI-encoded representation for you (see the data parameter in the ajax docs).

But you can also do it using encodeURIComponent and string concatenation:

data: "node1=" + encodeURIComponent($('node1').data('id')) + "&" +
      "node2=" + encodeURIComponent($('node2').data('id')),

You can see why I prefer the first syntax. :-)

Either way, your script will see node1 and node2 parameters in the HTTP data (in your case, the query string, since your ajax call is using the default GET method).

If you wanted a single parameter with a combined value, just choose a separator (or don't use one) and combine the two values. Here's an example using an _ for the separator:

data: {paramName: $('node1').data('id') + "_" + $('node2').data('id')},
// -or-
data: "paramName=" + encodeURIComponent(
                        $('node1').data('id') + "_" +
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