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We are in the process of evaluating .NET Development Frameworks since we are about to begin a large .NET based application development effort. Our app would be a web based application. We heard of StrataFrame (https://www.strataframe.net) but have never used it. Is there anyone out there who have used it? We really appreciate your sharing the experience - both pros and cons - from a technical perspective. We are trying to answer the question - Use a commercial framework or stick with pure .NET Microsoft tools?

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What tools you ended using? I used Strataframe but it's more suitable for windows forms apps, for web apps it's better to use some MS tools / frameworks (EF / ASP.NET MVC / etc).

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I'm dealing with a previously developed strataframe based web app and it has been a constant headache. There are other issues with the way the site was developed that probably make it seem worse than it is but from my experience, the pros are it makes development and deployment faster, but the cons are that it makes back end support a nightmare and makes adding modules on much more difficult.

for web based apps, I would go with MVC and EF or at least MVC. Much more flexible IMO.

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