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Does anyone know of a solution (preferably open source, so that i can customize it to fit my needs), for automatic sending of emails at scheduled intervals?

If not, can anyone recommend a .NET technology that i could use to achieve this? I was thinking of using a Windows Service for this application, but the problem is that i have no experience developing Windows Services. I would like to build a WCF or ASP.NET deployable solution, but i'm not sure if the architecture of WCF or ASP.NET would allow me to do this without some ugly hacks.

Thank you.

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MailSystem.NET contains everything you need including a template based mail merging system and a mail queuing service that supports scheduling.

It is free and open source.

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Correction, this was exactly what i needed :) –  scripni Nov 30 '10 at 5:55

It's quite easy to build one by yourself.

Theres a mail client in the System.Net namespace and you have a scheduling component here: http://quartznet.sourceforge.net/

As for windows services, it's not really that hard. Visual Studio have a windows service project type that you can use to get everything that you need. Just put in some classes with your logic.

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Thanks, this is exactly what i needed. –  scripni Nov 28 '10 at 17:50

"It's quite easy to build one by yourself."

Speaking from experience, I would not recommend this unless you have a year of free time. There are many elements that go into a full-featured mailing application and you'll want to at least start with some base code.

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