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I need to specify a password on the right side of the equals sign in a python configparser file, but semicolon is the comment character.

Escaping with \ does not work.

How can I pass the string "foo;" as a value in configparser?

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My ConfigParser reads and writes values with ;s... – khachik Nov 28 '10 at 17:56
Have you tried putting it in quotes? (the whole value)? – mpen Nov 28 '10 at 18:02
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A short interactive session shows the semicolon is read without trouble.

>>> import StringIO
>>> import ConfigParser
>>> f = StringIO.StringIO("[sec1]\npwd=foo;\n")
>>> p = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
>>> p.readfp(f)
>>> p.items('sec1')
[('pwd', 'foo;')]
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Yeah, and now it's working. Sorry, I must have done something else wrong. – dmd Nov 30 '10 at 4:39

Mine works fine. And noticed "Lines beginning with '#' or ';' are ignored and may be used to provide comments. "

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ConfigParser seems to have a bug with spaces in front of semicolons:

>>> import StringIO
>>> import ConfigParser
>> p = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
>>> s1 = StringIO.StringIO('[foo]\nbla=bar;baz\n')
>>> p.readfp(s1)
>>> p.items('foo')
[('bla', 'bar;baz')]

>>> s2 = StringIO.StringIO('[foo]\nbla=bar ;-) baz\n')
>>> p.readfp(s2)
>>> p.items('foo')
[('bla', 'bar')]

>>> s3 = StringIO.StringIO('[foo]\nbla=bar \;-) baz\n')
>>> p.readfp(s3)
>>> p.items('foo')
[('bla', 'bar \\;-) baz')]

Note that the last version is still incorrect, because the escape backslash is still in there...

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