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I am struggling to get the image src of a image when its clicked. I just need the jQuery(this).attr("src") but in prototype, this.readAttribute doesn't work. I get: “this.readAttribute is not a function”

$$('.more-views > ul > li > img').invoke('observe', 'click',  this.updateImage.bind(this));

updateImage: function (){
 //var src = jQuery(this).attr("src").replace("thumbnail/66x66", "image");//changes src from thumbnail to large image
 Needs the above but in prototype.

 //jQuery('#image').attr("src", src);//updates large image

 val_scale = !this.showFull ? this.slider.value : 1;

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Try this:

updateImage: function (){

var src = $(this).readAttribute('src');

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Thanks wajiw I fixed it by var that = this, so I could use it later and getting rid of .bind(this)

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You're binding an event, so the click-handler should be:

updateImage: function(event)
      var img = Event.findElement(event, 'IMG');
      var src = img.src;
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