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Does anyone know of a good charting/graphing tool that supports dynamic pie charts, i.e. where a user could change the values by dragging, etc? It would need an event API so I could get access to the changed values.

And, jQuery > vanilla JS > Flash.

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  • jqplot : jquery, charts, easy to use. Almost fulfill all of your requirements. Details here. Only one problem : not sure that you can change values dynamically or it might be tricky
  • HighCharts : very good quality, higly configurable, vanilla JS. Check this demo for dynamically adding values (even graphically) : http://www.highcharts.com/demo/?example=dynamic-click-to-add&theme=gray
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I gave up searching/tweaking and implemented my own using Raphael. It's still very buggy, but I think it's a good proof of concept. Forks welcome :)

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