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I am using COM component in C++/CLI, one of the method of COM, takes 'void *' as parameter. My code compiles fine but throws 'System.Accessviolation' exception at runtime following is the code snippet. What could be reason for this exception.

// C++ managed Code
void ManagedWrapper::InitializeConfig(ManagedConfigruation  ^objConfiguration)
         IntPtr p = objConfiguration->GetObjectPtr();


//COM signature for InitializeNetworkConfig in IDL file
[helpstring("method InitializeCameraConfig")] HRESULT InitializeNetworkConfig([in] void *configparam);
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How old is the COM object and do it need administrator priviliges? I know that some core functionality got the UAC leash on them when Windows moved from XP to Vista and 7. It maybe totally wrong but hopefully that gives you a pointer in the right direction...

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