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I am looking for a regex that will match a string that starts with one substring and does not end with a certain substring.


// Updated to be correct, thanks @Apocalisp

Should match anything that starts with "foo" and doesn't end with "bar". I know about the [^...] syntax, but I can't find anything that will do that for a string instead of single characters.

I am specifically trying to do this for Java's regex, but I've run into this before so answers for other regex engines would be great too.

Thanks to @Kibbee for verifying that this works in C# as well.

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I think in this case you want negative lookbehind, like so:

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Verified @Apocalisp's answer using:

import java.util.regex.Pattern;
public class Test {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("^foo.*(?<!bar)$");

This output the the right answers:

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I'm not familiar with Java regex but documentation for the Pattern Class would suggest you could use (?!X) for a non-capturing zero-width negative lookahead (it looks for something that is not X at that postision, without capturing it as a backreference). So you could do:

foo.*(?!bar) // not correct

Update: Apocalisp's right, you want negative lookbehind. (you're checking that what the .* matches doesn't end with bar)

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As other commenters said, you need a negative lookahead. In Java you can use this pattern:

  • ^ - ensures that string starts with first_string
  • \z - ensures that string ends with second_string
  • (?!.?second_string) - means that first_string can't be followed by second_string
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