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I'm in the process of creating a Gnome pannel applet. I've added a menubar to the applet but it seems I can't set the relief on the menubar. Does anyone know how I can edit that?

I only want the relief to show when the bar is hovered or the submenu is collapsed. This is how it looks now: http://i.stack.imgur.com/7i8C9.png

Thanks in advance!

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Nevermind. Found it:

        style "globalmenu_event_box_style"
        style "globalmenu_menu_bar_style"
            ythickness = 0
            GtkMenuBar::shadow-type = none
            GtkMenuBar::internal-padding = 0
        class "GtkEventBox" style "globalmenu_event_box_style"
        class "GtkMenuBar" style:highest "globalmenu_menu_bar_style"
        class "GnomenuMenuBar" style:highest "globalmenu_menu_bar_style"
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