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GAE/J, Eclipse, Local Datastore:


I have changed my data model, including the structure of one of my entity classes. In an attempt to start over with my data, I followed the advice of JohnIdol in this SO answer:

How to delete all datastore in Google App Engine?

Somehow, even after deleting local_db.bin and cleaning, the old structure re-appears. In this screenshot, you can see one of the properties with its old name, "organizationAliasKeys," which should now be "orgAliasKeys:"

Where is the old ghost of my data coming from? How do I kill it all the way?

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after deleting local_db.bin, is there any data in the data viewer? – Iain Nov 29 '10 at 1:50

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From my experience you need to stop the dev server before deleting local_db.bin.

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