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can anyone help me in accessing the internal Wordpress blog that I've deployed like the following: alt text Because when I type the servername, it only displayed the plain HTML without the CSS effects and then when i try to go to the admin page it failed :-| as well. However when i go to servername/phpmyadmin all is working well and the apache server is listening on port 80

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.


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misconfigured DNS perhaps? – farinspace Nov 29 '10 at 3:40
from the internal server i can ping outside (to the other servers), thanks for your reply. – Server System Specialist Nov 29 '10 at 4:16
and ping from my laptop works too. ? – Server System Specialist Nov 29 '10 at 5:17
Use Firebug in Firefox to check the resources needed by Wordpress. There must be some error, e.g. 404 or 500. Figure out the reason. – Nowaker Nov 29 '10 at 6:12
Did you use Fantastico to install WP, or was it your own custom installation? – Tiny Giant Studios Nov 30 '10 at 0:20
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The fact that you're seeing the blog content means that WordPress is installed and is working. If you're not seeing the CSS, it's likely a permissions problem of some kind with the files in your installation directory. If you're running suexec or some other SU wrapper, for example, make sure all the files have write and execute permissions removed (read only) at the group and other levels.

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