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I downloaded python_fn.vim from

The instructions say: "Save this file to $VIMFILES/ftplugin/python.vim. You can have multiple " python ftplugins by creating $VIMFILES/ftplugin/python and saving your " ftplugins in that directory."

So would I put it into ~/.vimfiles/ftplugin and then rename it python.vim ?

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The best advice for this sort of thing: try it! It's trivial enough to do, you don't need to ask others. – Chris Morgan Nov 29 '10 at 10:00

Never used it, but I'd suggest putting it at ~/.vim/ftplugin/python/python_fn.vim and see if it works. This will allow you to have multiple python ftplugins.

Note that $VIMFILES is not ~/.vimfiles.

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