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I build a simple application using Spring, and I try to implement a custom JSR303 annotation to validate method string parameter. I use Java code to config Spring container and I think that I have loaded all the spring beans that I need. But the validation annotation still doesn't work.

Here is the code:

Configure Spring:



public class MVCContainerConfig 
    public AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter annotationMethodHandlerAdapter()
        ConfigurableWebBindingInitializer configurableWebBindingInitializer = new ConfigurableWebBindingInitializer();

        AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter annotationMethodHandlerAdapter = new AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter();
        annotationMethodHandlerAdapter.setMessageConverters(new HttpMessageConverter[]{
            new BufferedImageHttpMessageConverter(), 
            new ByteArrayHttpMessageConverter(),
            new FormHttpMessageConverter(), 
            new ResourceHttpMessageConverter(), 
            new StringHttpMessageConverter(),
            new AtomFeedHttpMessageConverter(),
            new RssChannelHttpMessageConverter(),
            new MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter(),
            new Jaxb2RootElementHttpMessageConverter(), 
            new MarshallingHttpMessageConverter(),
            new XmlAwareFormHttpMessageConverter()

        return annotationMethodHandlerAdapter;

    public DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping defaultAnnotationHandlerMapping()
        DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping defaultAnnotationHandlerMapping = new DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping();
        defaultAnnotationHandlerMapping.setInterceptors(new Object[]{localeChangeInterceptor(),
        return defaultAnnotationHandlerMapping;

    public LocalValidatorFactoryBean localValidatorFactoryBean()
        LocalValidatorFactoryBean localValidatorFactoryBean = new LocalValidatorFactoryBean();

        return localValidatorFactoryBean;
... (ignore useless code)

Annotation definition:

public @interface NotEmptyOrWhitespace 
    //TODO change this when language package is ready
    public abstract String message() default "Empty or white space error message";

    public abstract Class<?>[] groups() default { };

    public abstract Class<? extends Payload>[] payload() default { };

     * Defines several {@code @NotEmptyOrWhitespace} annotations on the same element.
    public @interface List {
        NotEmptyOrWhitespace[] value();

Constraint definition:

public class NotEmptyOrWhitespaceValidatorImp implements ConstraintValidator<NotEmptyOrWhitespace, String>
    public void initialize(NotEmptyOrWhitespace annotation){}

    public boolean isValid(String str, ConstraintValidatorContext constraintValidatorContext) 
        str = str.replaceAll(" ", "");
        return ((str == null || str.isEmpty()) ? false : true);

The method I want to test:

public boolean isOurProduct(@NotEmptyOrWhitespace String productName) 
        productName = productName.trim().toLowerCase();
        return this.productSet.contains(productName);

Junit Test method:

        public void testIsOurProduct()
            // If the annotation works, then I should see an exception occurred instead of the output
            System.out.println("********* "+this.finder.isOurProduct("  "));
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Your MVCContainerConfig class won't even compile. Please give us example code that compiles. –  skaffman Nov 29 '10 at 9:53

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Please see Method Parameter Validation with JSR-303. You need to trigger validation using AOP on method invocation.

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