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is it possible to have a UISlider inside of a UIAlertView, and when the value of that UISlider changes so does text or a UIImage inside of the UIAlertView changes accordingly with the UIslider?

Im trying to create an easy way to change one attribute of a specific core data object.

So in a UITableView, the user would select the object's whose attribute they wish to change. A UIAlertView would pop up and the user would change the value of a UISlider to change the attribute of that object. is that possible?

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Yes it's possible. You can add views to an UIAlertView through its addSubview: method. To increase the height of the alertView I personally use empty lines as its message-text. For instance: @" \n \n "

I believe there are other ways to alter the size of an UIAlertView, but I don't know them.

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