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My logs get flooded with many(!) lines of

WARNING [EhCacheProvider] Could not find a specific ehcache configuration for cache named [com.liferay.portal.XXX]; using defaults

Where "XXX" includes some examples like:

  • model.impl.UserGroupRoleImpl
  • messageboards.model.impl.MBStatsUserImpl
  • etc...

How do I turn off this warning or correctly configure the settings so that this chunk of warnings do not get triggered?

P.S: The server does not have any internet connection on it.

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Are you using a bundled version or have you installed Liferay on your own app server? The tags suggest that it's JBoss. What else did you configure? Can you try a plain bundle that's available for download? – Olaf Kock Nov 29 '10 at 16:37
I added the Liferay following the instructions on this website. (Setting up Liferay in JBoss 5.1, from www.devatwork.nl) This is because the bundled LifeRay 5.2.3 only comes with JBoss 5.0.1. Nothing is really configured since I was using stock JBoss 5.1 unzipped and stock LifeRay 5.2.3 unzipped. – Rivendell Dec 1 '10 at 10:01

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