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I saw had not spring 3 in rest web-app sample,where is download?

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All Spring samples are on the official SVN repository. The MVC Showcase application should get you started on REST web applications with spring mvc:

svn co mvc-showcase

If you want to work on the client side, Spring provides RestTemplates for accessing other rest services from your application.

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If you use maven you can simply add it to your pom. If not, you can manually download whichever sub-project you need from here.

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I want to download a spring3 mvc in rest web-app example – EdwardLau Nov 29 '10 at 8:16

I haven't found any rest example with spring MVC 3. The @SessionAttributes annotation breaks REST idea.

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vn co mvc-showcase It's not rest application cause it uses @SessiontAttributes annotation. But REAST requires transfer state via URL

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They are now only on github afaik :

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