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I have one tab set as below ,in which i want select dynamic tab using binding in java.

<ice:panelTabSet var="currentTab" partialSubmit="true"  selectedIndex="#{viewBatchBean.tabSelectedIndex}"

here i set tab index as below..


it set tab as per given index but doesn't set focus on it.

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Populating the panelTabSetRef.


for(SomeObject tabConfig : batchConfigurationTabList){
   PanelTab panelTab = new PanelTab();
   // Setting appropriate values in panelTab


Fetching the PanelTab component from PanelTabSet & processing it accordingly.

List<UIComponent> panelTabs= panelTabSetRef.getChildren();

// Selecting tab to set focus

PanelTab focusTab = (PanelTab) panelTabs.get(tabSelectedIndex);
String tabId = focusTab.getId();


Focus can be set on the selected tab as below using Java Script.

JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "someJSMethodToSetFocus('someForm:"+tabId+"');");

Index out of bound exception is raised because the panel has not been populated & fetching children from it. Giving value directly as <ice:panelTabSet value="#{viewBatchBean.batch.batchConfigurationTabList}"/> populates when the the page is rendered accordingly. So manually populating the panelTabSetRef.

In newer IceFaces version, tabIndex attribute has been added to panelTabSet.

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solution that u given is good but when i use getChildren() method, it gives me size = 1 when in my UI it is it gives me error as index out of bound.. – Sweety Nov 30 '10 at 9:56
can you post some code, so get better idea about it. – Nayan Wadekar Nov 30 '10 at 10:50
In my code it set focus on tab dynamically but do not refresh that tab..once i click on that tab then only it refreshing..code is too much long, so i can't post it :) – Sweety Nov 30 '10 at 11:10
Edited accordingly might work. – Nayan Wadekar Dec 1 '10 at 9:49

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