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I'm using C# and reading bytes array from some controller and converting them to their types. all values (int,string) OK except the float values. The value that suppose to get is 533174.1. but when reading the array


getting some gibberish value. I used the System.BitConverter.ToDouble(bytesArr,0) and other methods without success. please help. Thanks, Igal.

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Your bytes are coming out word-swapped. This function should convert your byte array to floats properly:

static float ToFloat(byte[] input)
    byte[] newArray = new[] { input[2], input[3], input[0], input[1] };
    return BitConverter.ToSingle(newArray, 0);

ToFloat(new byte[]{2,73,98,43}) == 533174.1
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Hi. you really helped. thanks. – Igal Nov 29 '10 at 7:42
  1. How about endianess? Have you tried reversing the word order? In windows, 533174.1 is 98, 43, 2, 73.
  2. 4 bytes are a single (ToSingle), not double.
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Thank you, It helped. – Igal Nov 29 '10 at 7:42

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