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  1. Using the Android 2.2, API-8, SDK-r7 along with CTS-2.2_r4 suite.
  2. Updated the SDK_ROOT environment variable with SDK_r7 tools in “android-cts/tools/startcts” script and the “SDK_ROOT/tools” also included in PATH environment variable.
  3. Ran the “android” and created a new virtual device and started the same. This invokes the emulator named as “emulator-5554”.
  4. Now, started the cts using the below command:

    bash android-cts/tools/startcts.    
    start –plan android
  5. Above command failed with:

    Test package: android.app
    install met failure [install_failed_insufficient_storage]
    CTS_ERROR >>> Failed to execute shell command am instrument -w -r -e package android com.android.cts.app/android.test.InstrumentationCtsTestRunner on device emulator-5554

A few more issues are:

CTS_ERROR >>> Got exception while processing command
CTS_ERROR >>> Installing met timeout due to Unknown reason
CTS_ERROR >>> Timeout: ReferenceAppTest
CTS_ERROR >>> Timeout: getDeviceInfo

Any hint to avoid the above timeout issues? Thank you very much for anticipating a quick response from you.

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I did not got this error on the CTS 2.1 r5. But I am not running the SDK test that Android but my own tests instead. There for I will use the CTS 2.1 for a while.

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