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I need a solution to control the flv player of Dreamweaver CS4.. I think I have to use javascript for this. When you click on a div container it should start the video, another click on the same container will stop the video. - BTW I use the JQuery framework.. so may you can compress the code.. Thanks!!

Pseudo javascript:

If played == 0
On Click "#acooldiv"
PlayVideo "object flv"
played = 1

If played == 1
On Click "#acooldiv"
StopVideo "object flv"
played = 0

StopVideo should bring the video back to 0:00 (so its not a pause its a reset of the video playing)

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Please.. help. Please help.. –  Tomkay Nov 29 '10 at 10:05

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Sorry I'm not familliar with Dreamweaver, but why you want to control the flv player in that program? Don't you want to play a flv when it's in the (html)webpage and play it via javascript? If you mean play FLV when its in the webpage: You can communicate with the flv player (see here). But maybe better to embed these play/pause features in the flv player itself, because it really basic and probably most flv players already have it.

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