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I've very new to arrays and this is just beyond my understanding. How can I get the data out of this array and display it in an echo. I know this is an easy one! Thanks in advance! Here is the var_dump

array(2) { [0]=>  string(10) "John Smith" [1]=>  string(10) "Smithville" } 

and code below

$string = "John Smith Smithville";
$townlist = array("smithville", "janeville", "placeville");

function stringSeperation($string, $list)
    $result = array();

    foreach($list as $item)
        $pos = strrpos(strtolower($string), strtolower($item));
        if($pos !== false)
            $result = array(trim(substr($string, 0, $pos)), trim(substr($string, $pos)));

    return $result;

var_dump(stringSeperation($string, $townlist));

echo name

echo town

Regards, -Dan

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$result = stringSeperation($string, $townlist);

echo $result[0]; // prints the name
echo $result[1]; // prints the town


foreach($result as $value) {
    echo $value;

Learn more about arrays.

Note: For linebreaks, you should either use PHP_EOL or <br /> depending on whether you want to generate HTML or not.

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Works! Thank you very much! –  Dan Nov 29 '10 at 11:28
$strs = stringSeperation($string, $townlist);
echo $strs[0] . "\n";
echo $strs[1] . "\n";
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$data = stringSeperation($string, $townlist);

$name = $data[0];
$town = $data[1];

echo $name;
echo $town;
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echo arrayName[i]; where i is the index of the array you wish to output.

So in your case, echo $result[0]; will output name, echo $result[1]; will output town.

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You can simply echo an element of the array if you know the key by doing this

echo $townlist[0]; //this will echo smithville

If you want to echo the whole array do this

$count = count($townlist)

for($i=0; $i<$count; $i++){
    echo $townlist[$i];

this will output


hope that helps you out!

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$count = count($result);

for($counter = 0;$counter<$count;$counter++)
    echo $result[$counter];


foreach($result as $value) 
    echo $value;
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