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I have an mvc controller which has a helper class injected into it. I would like to convert from a viewmodel to a dto using automapper. most of the properties are simple mappings but one involves calling the helper class with a parameter from the viewmodel. Ideally I would want to do something like this:

Mapper.CreateMap<TheViewModel, TheDto>()
                .ForMember(dest => dest.Url, o => o.MapFrom(src => _urlHelper.GenerateUrlFromUsername(src.Username)));

...but I cannot because I cannot access a non-static field.

What is the best approach?


OK, so I have a custom resolver but how do I hook this in to my IoC container?

public class CustomResolver : ValueResolver<TheViewModel, string>
    private readonly IUrlHelper _urlHelper;

    public CustomResolver(IUrlHelper urlHelper)
        _urlHelper = urlHelper;
    protected override string ResolveCore(TheViewModel source)
        return _urlHelper.GenerateUrlFromUsername(source.Username);
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Use a custom resolver in this case:

Custom resolvers can be instantiated from a container, so you can get whatever instance fields of services you need.

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Thanks. I have now got my custom resolver (see above), but how do hook this in to my IoC container? – Paul Hiles Nov 30 '10 at 12:30
You can use the "ConstructServicesUsing" configuration method to do that. It tells AutoMapper to use that function to create all formatters, resolvers and type converters. – Jimmy Bogard Dec 1 '10 at 16:46

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